Unmet Needs in Rare Diseases: Clinician Perspectives

A 2015 survey revealed that 71% of HCPs lack confidence when it comes to managing primary care–related issues in patients with rare diseases.

More than 75% of the HCPs surveyed indicated they want more information on managing these issues. Does that include you?
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Other findings included:

Approximately 50% of HCPs surveyed lack confidence in their ability to provide routine primary care for patients with rare diseases, including:

Identifying which patients need to be referred

Providing routine vaccinations

Providing care for unrelated health issues

Interpreting clinical lab test data

Many are not confident when prescribing medications for patients with rare diseases, including:

Refills for medications originally prescribed by a specialist

Drugs aimed at mitigating side effects of rare disease treatments

Therapies indicated for comorbidities related to rare diseases

Drugs for unrelated and/or preexisting comorbidities

Lifestyle medications

ACCORD. Rare disease management survey. Ramsey, NJ; 2015.